Member Spotlight

The new year is in full swing at Crown! As we continue to grow, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to start a new “Member Spotlight” series. Every month, we’ll highlight a member from our amazing gym with a short Q&A.

We have some awesome people at Crown and each of you guys certainly deserves to be celebrated. Thank you all for being part of this amazing community.

First up? Kendra Maclean!


What brought you to Boise?

I graduated BSU in 2011. Shortly thereafter, I moved to Salt Lake but Boise quickly called me back. You just can’t beat the accessibility to such a wide-range of outdoor activities.


What do you do (profession)?

I’m a Financial Advisor. Really, I help people define their financial goals and strategies to meet those goals. I know being and outdoor adventurer and financial advisor may seem pretty oppositional, but I really like having my week-day work and my weekend adventure lifestyle.


What brought you to Crown?

Really, Kris gets the credit. His passion for bettering each individual and legitimate makes this gym what it is. If he hasn’t heard from me in a few days, I’ll get a call, wondering if everything’s alright. Thanks, Coach.


How has Crown helped you outside the gym?

Honestly, Crown has been a great bridge for me to connect my professional and my social lives. If you’re going to get up at 5 a.m., you want people you love to be there. Crown enables me to start my work-day by enabling my free-time.


Who has the nicest head of hair at the gym?

Coach Conroy. Period. No question.


Do you think BJ would ever want to try functional fitness/weightlifting ?

If BJ believed ANYTHING would help him fetch a tennis ball…he’d do it. Seriously.


Short term/long term goals in fitness and health?

First thing that come to mind is preparing to Kilimanjaro this summer. It won’t be a technical hike, but it’s certain to be the most mentally challenging climb in my life. To me, it’s equally about training my mind AND my body, which, I do every day here.