February’s Thoughts

The very first weekend in February proved to be both rewarding and challenging as I woke to a raining morning with two assigments to complete.

I had agreed to speak at the Idaho Chapter of the National High School Strength Coaches Assocation but that was before I realized that our first Training Clinic had been scheduled for the same day. Fortunately I was able to make arrangments that gave me a two hour “window” between events and felt confident that the day would be a success.

I really appreciated having the opportunity to speak with high school S&C Coaches who where trying to advance not only themselves but their contribution to their sport, schools and athletes.

The topic was the USAW’s Supercompensation Model that promotes the understanding of a proper relationship between “work” and “rest”, that “sets” are more important than “reps” and that the athlete trains over 12 weeks, in a 3 Cycle format.

The participants were knowledgable, engaged and asked very good questions. It was rewarding to interact with a group such as this. There are good things happening at the school level and I hope that, like it was with athletic trainers, some 30 years ago, that schools will respond by placing a high value on the contribution made by those teachers that oversee the training and preparation of our youth athletes.

The 22 mile drive from the high school to our training site went quickly and I was set up and ready to welcome the 15 High School athletes that had registered for our inaugural Outreach offering on time.

Assisted by National Coach Patrick Corbett and Advanced Coach Kevin Burke the course went exceptionally well. The athletes were both cooperative, and appreciative.

I have been, formally, instructing the sport of weightlifting for USA Weightlifting since 1991 and I can attest that you will not find a better approach to learning how to become a competent, confident and effective weightlifter than the Whole/Part/Whole Top/Down teaching progressions promoted by USA Weightlifting.

It is the only approach where the remediation of skill acquisition is built into the progessions.

Add to this approach the 4 quadrants of how people learn; Acquisition, Application, Assimilation and Adaptation and success is practically guaranteed.

Results speak for themselves. The success of USA Weightlifting on the international platform over the past 2 “Quads” confirms that our approach is the correct one.

If you would like to learn more about what our Community Training Site can offer you, contact us or drop on by as we’ll be happy to assist you.


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