A Program For Better Everyday Life. Make lifting groceries, children, and everything in between easier!

Program is limited to 12 per class so reserve your spot today!

Why Do CrossFit?

Become more efficient at lifting loads that you encounter in your daily lives, like lifting a grocery bag or even a child.
The magic and beauty of CrossFit is that anyone can do it. The movements are simple yet powerful. It is a great opportunity for any athlete to get the benefits of functional movements in a positive, encouraging group setting. 
  • Date: Starting May 1
  • Time: 5:00a.m and 5p.m.
  • Days: Monday Wednesday Friday

A fun and effective way for you to increase strength, power and agility!

Classes May Include:
  • EMOMs
  • AMRAPs
  • Metcons
  • Prowler Sled Pushes
  • Sand Bag Carries
  • Tire Flips
  • And More…

Enroll today classes are limited to 12 people.


Better Fitness For A Better Everyday Life

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