USA Weightlifting Community Development Training Site Offerings

Last October, Crown was one of 76 nationwide clubs applying for a for a USA Weightlifting Community Development Training Site. This distinction links USAW’s National Presence to the local level.

These sites institute USA weightlifting’s program to help grow the sport of weightlifting at a grassroots level. After a final review by the USA committee at the national office, we are proud to announce that Crown was selected as one of only 24 locations in the United States to hold this title.

What this means.

By providing quality coaching and equipment to those interested in the sport, Crown’s partnership with USAW creates an active outreach program that is designed to attract a myriad of talent. We aim to expose our local and regional community to the sport of weightlifting, as well as to promote a sustainable wellness model.

Crown Performance’s Outreach Programs:

The Community Outreach Program at Crown Barbell with consist of 3 Categories, each with 2 strands

Category 1: School Outreach. In this category the Community Site can contact or be contacted by local schools, both public and private about two pathway opportunities. The Weightlifting Pathway and the Sports Performance Pathway. The Weightlifting Pathway is about the opportunities provided by participating in the sport of weightlifting, while the Sports Performance Pathway is the proper usage of the weightlifting movements to assist an athlete in their chosen sport. The Sport Performance Pathway will be connected to the USAW’s Transition Program that assists athletes in other sports, who wish to stay competitive in finding their way into weightlifting when their sports career comes to end, for whatever reason.

Category 2: Athletic Organizations. In this category the Community Site can contact or be contacted by the various Sports Organizations in the area that support athletic activities and present them with the same two pathways.

Category 3: Individuals In this category interested individuals may participate in either a scheduled Open Training Session or as a Drop In to Crown Barbell.

The outreach session, itself, will be in line with the Try Weightlifting for a Day format.

Once schools, organizations or individuals have accepted and scheduled a date a ‘half-day’ of training will occur. This training day will include both lecture and practical training sessions broken up into time frames of 30 to 45 minutes to maximize participant engagement.  The USA Weightlifting Top/Down Teaching Progressions for the Snatch, Clean and Jerk will be presented. Upon completion of the training day participants will receive a follow up contact to discuss moving forward with their training opportunities.

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