How “Fit” does a person need to be?

Michael Conroy, USA Weightlifting International Coach

The origins of physical fitness, sport and physical education came about as a response to World War I.


At the time of America’s involvement in the Great War most of the population was rural and entering the training camps the U.S. Military had to find a way to bring all of these people not only together but to get them to believe and support one another.


The answer came by introducing TEAM SPORTS into this environment. Soldiers learned that they were part of something larger than themselves and that the success of the team related back to commitment of the individual. Now when the soldiers went into battle they knew their job.


So strong was this approach accepted that TEAM SPORTS ARE AMERICA. Just watch and Coach of any sport talk and “the team this… The team that… Our National leaders SPEAK in Sport Terms. “The ball is in their court.” “They dropped the ball on this vote.” Congress has punted on this important bill.”


As America advanced from a rural setting to an urban one Americans became less fit. Technology made America smaller both locally and nationally. By the 1960’s it was found that not only were we less fit we had moved from an active society to a sedentary group to today’s stationary population.


Fitness is broken in to 3 categories.

Health Fitness: My body and mind are not diseased. All my vital signs are within accepted parameters and I am not infirmed.

Physical Fitness: I can meet the demands of my daily life without fatigue or emotional collapse and have enough energy in reserve to meet an Emergency demand. ( I can change a flat tire, walk home if I miss the bus and not have a heart attack while mowing the lawn or shoveling snow.

Sports Fitness: I choose to live an active lifestyle and can do so WITHOUT ENDING UP IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM, while meeting the demands of my activities.


USA Olympic Games Coach, Leo Totten so insightfully stated. “Get Fit… SO you can train hard”


The approach to gaining a high level of fitness must have a plan that includes ALL of the Following.

Areas of Assessment: Aerobic Capacity. Anaerobic Threshold, Agility, Power Production, Strength and Flexibility.

Goals of any Program: Improve Performance, Increase Work Capacity, Refine Technique and reduce or even eliminate Injury.


This approach takes time and patience must be applied. Studies have shown the following.

Number one month that people Begin a Fitness Program: January

Number one month that they stop: March

Number one reason they stop: Injury


“When the going gets tough. The tough usually get injured.”


“Push ‘till you cry… Train ‘till you die” is one of the worst statements ever said


Don’t train HARD… Train Smart.


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