USA Weightlifting Community Training Site; Why be a Weightlifter?

Weightlifting Outreach

For 2019, USA Weightlifting is making a concerted effort to reach out to athletes of every discipline. Our goal is to expose individuals that are curious about weightlifting to sound coaching and proper training protocols.

“Why become a Weightlifter?”

The answers to this question are plentiful and here are the obvious ones;

⦁ It’s an individual sport. You can, easily, make it fit your lifestyle and you don’t need a small army of others to make it work.


⦁ It’s a FULL PARTICIPATION SPORT. All weightlifters are “First String Starters”. No one “rides the bench” in weightlifting. Each and every participant gets three attempts in the Snatch and three attempts in the Clean and Jerk.


⦁ There is a place for EVERYONE. “Do you have a gender?” Weightlifting has competitions for both males and females. “Do you have an age?” Weightlifting has age categories for Youth ( U-11, U-13, 14-15 and 15-17 ) Junior (18-20) U-25 ( 18-15) Open (21+) and Masters 35+ every 5 years) “Do you have a bodyweight?” There a 10 weight classes for each gender.


⦁ Competitions are set up as Local, Regional, National and International. While Regional and above competitions have qualifying standards most local competitions are open to all members of USAW.


⦁ Weightlifting is a year round sport. While there is both a National and International Calendar of events, local competitions are happening somewhere almost every weekend.


⦁ You’ll receive One on One Coaching. As an individual sport weightlifters work closely with a coach dedicated to assisiting them in attaining their goals. Most of the training takes place on a dedicated platform that only holds one athlete at a time so you get undivided attention when training.


⦁ Weightlifting Clubs are great communities and being a member of one allows for a great sense of belonging.



The IDAHO LOCAL WEIGHTLIFTING COMMITTEE is the governing body for our sport in Idaho and their web page is
Of Course you can also contact us here at the USA Weightlifting Community Development Site at Crown Barbell at this link.
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