Youth Training Clinic

Saturday February 2nd

15 High School Students made up the initial Community Outreach Program for the USAW Training Site.
Led by USAW International Coach and Community Site Director Michael Conroy and assisted by USAW National Coach Patrick Corbett and USAW Advanced Coach Kevin Burke the participants split their training time between lecture and pratical sessions for the Snatch, the Clean and the Jerk, concluding with a C&J session.

The participants moved through the Top/Down progressions and responded well to the instructional cues used by the coaches.

“The athletes were attentive and great to work with” Begins Conroy. “I really appreciate their cooperation, focus and engagement. Not only was it a very productive day but an enjoyable one as well. In weightlifting it is always important to remember that no matter what your level is, it needs to be fun.”

Click on the video for highlights from the Clinic
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