Why Train the Weightlifting Movements?

Why Train the Weightlifting Movements?

Note: Back in 1999 at the OTC in Colorado Springs NSCA founder Boyd Eply led a study group to give the rationale for using the weightlifting movements (Snatch, Clean, Jerk) in the training programs for athletes in other sports. These statements are as true now as they were then. In January of 2016 at the NSCA National Convention USA Weightlifting Director of Education shared these same statements in his presentation to the NSCA membership

As College Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCa) co-founder Pat O’Shea stated in his well-read book, Quantum Strength and Power Training “Power is the name of the game.”
If you are an athlete trying to improve performance the best approach, without a doubt, is to incorporate the use of the Snatch, Clean, Jerk, along with Pulls, Squats and presses into your training.

The goal of any training program should be 4 fold

  1. Improve performance
  2. Increase work capacity
  3. Refine technique
  4. Reduce and even eliminate injury.

No one gave the reasons for the above mentioned approach better than Boyd Eply and below is an abridged version of his original concepts

Reasoning, Application, and Movement

1. Ground Based Activities

Sport skills are initiated by applying force, to the ground, with the feet. The more force applied the faster an athlete will run, or throw and the more effective they will be in their sport. All training programs should include exercises that apply force, with the feet, to the ground. (Boyd Eply, 1999)
“Sport is played on your feet. You want to train on your feet.”

2. Multiple Joint Actions

Most sports involve multiple joint actions timed in proper neuromuscular patterns. Isolating single joint actions may improve an athletes appearance but athletes need to concentrate on activities involving sequential multiple joint actions to improve performance.

3. Three Dimensional (3D) Movements

Sport Skills involve movement in three planes of space, simultaneously. Only Free Weight Movements allow for this Forward-backward, Up and down and Side to side movement. This makes transfer skills of strength and power easier to merge with sports skills. Machine training limits the development of sport skills.

4. Train Explosively

Training explosively, with free weights, allows more fast twitch fibers to be recruited, and in return, improves athlete performance. Proper training with explosive lifts allows the athlete to generate more force.

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